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Forty Fives (45's) - Online Card Game

Welcome to the first forty fives multi player card game on the internet. To play the forty fives (45's) card game just go to the registration page by clicking on the register to play button on the top left of this page. Then just fill in the registration form, submit it and you will be ready to join the fun.

The new Flash version of the game is almost complete.We finished phase two and have put it up live so you can play... itis a limited version and only alows a limited amount of players at a time so please feel free to play. but realize it is a limited version . Phase 3 is almost complete and will have a Darta Base back end and login and beter scoreing info and all the bells and whistles. But we thought it would be good to at least have this working version up for now...

There is no cost to join so come on in and play a few hands. is brought to you by IMMS the same folks that brought you the language translation portal,

If you are interested in advertising on this site contact us for details. This site is still under construction but you are welcome to play while we work out the bugs and finish the site design. It will change as time progresses. We would appreciate you letting us know about any thing that you feel should be changed or added.

We would like to thank.

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for their support in marketing this game.

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Johnny Jaskot

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