One World Many Languages

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One World Many Languages is a web aggregate developed by to search the Internet’s major news sources, blogs, videos and social networks for the most up to date trends and top stories of the day.

The main focus at Babblefish’s  “One World Many Languages” is on Language, Education, World Travel, Money, Politics, Entertainment, World News as well as  top trending stories, blogs, videos and social comments of the day.

Babblefish is world famous for its free language translation tools and Global Exchange rate calculator ( money converter ) as well as its education and world travel resources. Babblefish also has a Text To Speech ( TTS ) Translator that will allow you to hear your translation spoken in it’s native tongue.  A great tool for the correct pronunciation when  learning a  language or as a communication tool when traveling.  Also A Web site translator, a language guesser and a large selection of foreign language keyboards.

Aside from the free translation tools Babblefish also provides professional language translation services for perfect document and website translation, localization, and globalization. You will be surprised how inexpensive professional translation services can be.  If your translation has to be perfect do not leave it to a free translation tool.